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Event management

Created and delivered a week-long festival of 10+ events to celebrate World Refugee Week in London.

Challenge: the company was looking to amplify its social impact initiatives supporting refugees getting back to work in the UK. The goals were to drive meaningul impact to refugees, generate positive brand recognition through PR articles, and employee & customer engagement.

Solution: I leveraged World Refugee Week to design a one week celebration of what refugees bring to their host countries, through workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions, in the headquarter of the company to engage its employees and customers.

The event consisted of:

- workshops supporting refugee entrepreneurs through speed mentoring

- markets; from cooking classes with refugee chefs to purchasing artisan goods

- exhibition; a photo exhibition of Life in Syria and a movie projection

- panel discussions from different companies on how to hire and onboard refugees in large companies

My work consisted of; creating the strategy for the events, definin the plan for each, coordinating the timeline of execution, managing partners, working with health and security teams to secure the appropriate permits, and managing the marketing strategy working alongside PR teams.


We drove PR activity through consumer press talking about the festival, as well as broader awareness of the refugee initiatives through Op-eds with our partners.

We drove employee & customer engagement by having the events in HQ, with the food market being a central way to drive people to join other events.

We partnered with other charities and companies during workshops and panel events, expanding our recognition of the initiative.

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