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Hey, I'm Alice

I help start ups and scale ups in their business operations challenges. Bringing order to chaos is kinda my thing.



Fractional Chief of Staff |
Special Projects Management 

Does any of these situations feel familiar?

🧐  You are not sure what needs fixing, but you know things are broken


🤯  You are taking on a lot more work as you scale and struggling to juggle it all


⏳  You wish you had more time to think about the strategy or bigger vision projects


🔎  You are thinking of hiring someone but not sure what the role looks like

That's where I come in. 

Whether you need some quick help right away, or longer term support, I'll partner with you on a fractional basis or short term basis to help you tackle whatever is standing in your way of achieving your goals and having a well-run company as you scale.

Let’s talk about how we can work together!

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How I can help you

Fractional Chief of Staff

I support Founders, & Leaders through part-time contracts.

This type of work suits those not yet ready to take on a full time Chief of Staff, or founders who need some support as they go through one off events like a fundraise.

I provide support as a Chief of Staff; I'll manage your internal processes, support on strategic planning and fix what is broken.

How does it work?

I'll be embedded in your team, and work with you on a part time basis, 2 days a week (3 months commitment minimum).

Starting at £5,000/month

Project Management

I support Leaders, & Exec teams through short-term placements.

This type of work is best for teams who need someone to pilot and coordinate stakeholders and deadlines for a specific project. 

The type of support I provide depends on what you need; from new product launches, to new market expansion or piloting large scale events.

How does it work?
Depending on the complexity and deadline of your project I'll work with you on a schedule of deliverables. 

Starting at £3,000/month

Unlocking day

I support Leaders, Managers, & Exec teams to tackle a current challenge and put solutions in place  quickly.


This option is ideal for those who need a pair fresh eyes to look at things, need support in planning or are stuck on a challenge. 

The type of support I provide depends on what you need; from auditing your internal comms, preparing your OKRs or designing internal training. 

How does it work?

One week prior, we will go through briefing so I am well equipped for D-day. You'll also have 10-day follow up access.


What is it like working with me? 

​💜  I care 

If I work with you, it means I care about your company’s success and I’ll do my best to get you to where you need to be. ​​

💡  I like to simplify things 

You’ll get all the learnings from projects I led at Amazon and WeWork with the scrappiness of someone who has worked (and is) an entrepreneur. We’ll AB test, work fast and move quickly on decisions.

📢   I have open communication

I reflect on what I have done well, and what I can improve, I ask for feedback, and work transparently with clients.​

🏃‍♀️  I don’t need a lengthy onboarding 

Contrary to traditional employees who require a slow ramp up and onboarding time, I like to absorb as much information as possible in the first few days to be operational quicker.




Process and mechanisms set up such as OKRs, people onboarding, reporting tools or meeting cadence.

Larger scale projects include setting up new departments, recruitment and company restructure.


Design, development, & launch of courses, curriculum, & e-learning initiatives including coordination of video production, translation, topic development, and partnerships.


Creation & implementation of social impact strategy, including definition of mission statement, development of ESG programmes and setting of quarterly goals, and reporting mechanisms.


Event planning from ideation, programming, definition of timelines and deliverables, compliance and communication strategy.


Development, and execution of marketing strategies across multiple paid and free channels; including content development, metrics review, budget and target definition.


Support businesses in expanding into the UK with creation of sales pipeline, business development strategy, operations processes and localisation of offering.



“Alice is like a superhuman plate spinner - she has amazing ability to execute multiple projects, involving different teams, whilst retaining high standards.”

Senior Manager



Let’s Work Together

Tel: +44 7848154529

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